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I'm looking for the best Arabic language school, it's in California?

I'm looking for the best, most prestigious colleges that offer Arabic in the United States.I did find one, but I can't find it again. I know it was in California and it was mainly military.I live in Wisconsin, by the way, and would prefer a school there.


What are other korean language school in cebu?

i've already checked UC and CED FIT for korean language class, unfortunately they dont have korean language class anymore. does anyone know here other schools in cebu offering this class? please help

What are some good language schools in Costa Rica?

I would love to learn spanish in Costa Rica using homework answers website but I would like some good reviews before I go. Anyone do a fairly long language course there before such as 12 weeks and plus?

Spanish Language School Help?

I plan to be a U.N. translator and provide history homework help when I'm adult and I'm starting to work towards my goal. One of the languages I have to learn is Spanish and I have no idea where to go. I tried to look up schools on google but nothing good is there. I live in the central new jersey area and I really need help finding a spanish language school.

Language school thay teach HEBREW in Memphis?

hello does anyone know a language school that teaches HEBREW in Memphis ??????????? thank you

Hello,what the language study?

hello, I am of Spain, wanted to know, you what language you study in the school? if I am of Spain and study the English, you who language you study?

Who can exchange language study with me ?(Chinese -English)?

I am an chinese ,and good at chinese . add me if you are interest .micky0856 yahoo.comsure,you can add me .

How to understand people/secret language study?

Are there any books that can help me to decode stuff??don't have it too expensivelike secret language or how to understand people in a little time by their manners, cloth, and other stuffthank you if you list both of mine, it will get a auto best answer for you unless you have an shitty answer

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